About HMRD Cesidio Tallini

Family (stirps ) under Cesidian law
– Tallini

Gentilic (gens ) under Cesidian law
– Kaisiris (formerly Cesidio )

Parish (curia ) under Cesidian law
– Cesidian

Nationalities (tribus ) under Cesidian law
– Cesidian (Religious Cesidian)
– Ryamecahn (Native Geowner)
– Hernican (Aboriginal European)
– Quasi-Pontinhanese (Native Geowner)
– Quasi-Ouranian (Native Geowner)

Citizenships (cives ) under Cesidian law
– Fifth Worlder
– Winnecomaqian
– Antarctican (by affiliation)
– Neocartesian (or Academic Societalist/Societal Geowner)
– Tallinian (Political Geowner)
– Cabindan (Naturalised African)
– Southern Cameroonian (Naturalised African)

Delineations (genera ) under Cesidian law
– Legal Cesidian
– Native Geowner
– Media Societalist
– Naturalised African

Formerly associated with
– Cesidian Root
– Jamaica Square (JMSQ) municipality
– Independent Long Island (ILI) independence movement
– North America (NA) region
Intermicronational World  (IW) news website
– Micronational Professional Registry (MPR)
– Fifth World Health Organisation (5WHO)
– United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA) political party
– Great Pacific Garbage Patch Treaty (GPGPT) initiative
– SIGNOR Games
– United States Marine Corps
– ChaRosa Foundation Corporation
– United States Postal Service
– National Learning Corporation
– Nemenhah Indigenous Traditional Organization

Currently associated with
– The Tallini Family (TTF)
– Fifth World Community (5WC) municipality
– Winnecomaq (WQ) island
– Global Earth Oceans (GEO) region
– Antarctica Base (AQB), GEO
– Aphrodite Island (AI), GEO
– Cesidian Church (CCh)
– Saint René Descartes University (StRDU)
– Centre for Cesidian Law (CClaw)
– Ryamecah Confederation (Ry)
International Media  (IM) societalist imprint
– Paradiplomatic Affairs (PDA) agency
– Hernici Tribe (8ed)
– Principality of Pontinha (PP)
– Kingdom of Ourania (KOU)
– Organization of Emerging African States (OEAS)
– Republic of Cabinda (CB)
– Government of Southern Cameroons (SCM)

Languages spoken fluently
– UMMOA English (en-UGV)
– Italian (it)

Political Party
– None: Tallini is a societalist

Date of Birth (Gregorian and Cesidian calendars)
– Thursday, 10 May 1962
– Neptunday 26 Edison 1962 (N:26E1962)

Place of Birth (political and societal)
– Jamaica, New York, USA
– Yamecah, Winnecomac, North America

Title and name in Oscan-looking characters (mainly PiRhoHerak, and some Arial and Verdana fonts)
Fully tribalised name in Latin (Est 2018)
B. Kaisidis (antea Caesidius) Itali filius Sixti nepos Francisci pronepos Neocartesiana tribu Tallini

Fully tribalised name in English (Est 2018)
– B. Kaisiris (formerly Cesidio) Tallini, son of Italo, grandson of Sisto, great-grandson of Francesco, of the Neocartesian tribe

Name under Cesidian law
– B Kaisiris Tallini, Ces, NC

Name in UMMOA English, Neapolitan, Interlingua, Esperanto, as well as anglicised Japanese and Hebrew
– MT Kaisiris Tallini

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HMRD Cesidio Tallini [1, 2, 3]
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