Alternatives to the United Nations

Alternatives to the United Nations (UN), anyone?

There is the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO), and it is about as serious as one can get, but it has limits. For example, it is not good for any and all alternative polities, but only good with indigenous nations and issues. The UNPO doesn't officially recognise the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA), but we do work together, so we are only treated as eccentrics, not like UFOs.

Another UNPO limitation is that it only recognises peoples indigenous to six continents, not the indigenous of Antarctica (there are only 11 in the world, by the way), and the UNPO does not know anything at all about the newest continent, the eighth continent.

Alternatives to the seven continents, anyone?

Well, that will be another future article. Intermicronational World (IW) is a master of alternatives!

There is also the Organization of Emerging African States (OEAS), which is an excellent alternative to the African Union (AU) as a regional IGO, and it is growing, and being very creative with today's problems. The OEAS does officially recognise the UMMOA, and we also work together on many things.

Need a quality organisation to support your effort towards self-determination? Then Nations Without States (NWS) should help, a pressure group of the UK's National Liberal Party (NLP). NWS was the first organisation to use European Union (EU) elections, and its almost ideal multicultural and multiethnic London base, as a stepping-stone towards greater consciousness and recognition of minorities who are trying to escape persecution, discrimination, or worse in their homeland. NWS also recognises the UMMOA, and we are proud to support their hard work.

Another UN alternative has two heads, but also two different bodies, and the twins are not identical twins either. And by the way, it also gets more complicated than that!

According to one of the websites of the IGO, Judge Francesco Paolo Torrasi, of the Tribunal of Palermo, has appointed Rosario Castellini, Esq., Curator of the inheritance of late Msgr Viktor Busà, who was the Lord President of the International Parliament for Safety and Peace. Therefore, according to the website, any initiative taken by other current members of the "International Parliament", such as the nomination or convocation of the International Parliament for Safety and Peace, by individual members since the death of Busà, cannot have any legal significance except with the approval, and direction, of the Chief Judge of the Tribunal of Palermo, Francesco Paolo Torrasi.

In other words, the IGO whose Lord President is supposed to be equivalent to a Head of State, is treated like any other corporation incorporated in Palermo, Italy, which became headless since the death of its Lord President for life, and founder. According to this website, the UMMOA seems to exist as an archipelago, and is "incorporated" like a few other municipalities in Italy and in South America it unfortunately has no relations with — nor was able to establish.

According to the other website of the IGO, a newly elected leader exists without the approval of the Chief Judge of the Tribunal of Palermo, and the President of the International Parliament is His Serene Highness Eugenio Lai, the Grand Chancellor is His Serene Highness Cesare Fussone, and the Secretary General is His Excellency Alfredo Maiolese. The Hon Dr Alfredo Maiolese is actually a very credible and paradiplomatically active fellow, but we cannot say anything even close about the other two. There is also no mention of Busà's movable and immovable assets on this website. The Executive Office is in Rome, not Palermo. No mention of any incorporation through the Tribunal of Rome.

The Links page of the other organisation's website, obviously controlled by a different authority, mentions the state of Antarcticland [which in case you did not know, is made up of two parts: 1) the Principality of West Antarctic; and 2) the Principality of Antarcticland], the United Nations, and Italy's Ministry of Interior. No mention of the UMMOA archipelago, or the Italian and South American municipalities incorporated in the International Parliament in the past.

As I stated before, it also gets more complicated than that. According to Italian media sources, His Serene Highness Eugenio Lai, current sovereign of the state of Antarcticland, before the current International Parliament dispute, which seems to exist in a kind of legal Neverland, had another dispute about the state of Antarcticland. The usurper of His Serene Highnesses Antarctic rights, through an apparent coup d'etat, was a certain Rolando Righetti, whom Eugenio Lai — even partner and Grand Chancellor Cesare Fussone was involved — actually filed a lawsuit against [1, 2, 3, 4]. I guess the probably very patient and saintly Judge thought of the whole matter more in terms of intellectual rights, than actual Antarctic territorial rights, towards which the Sardinian court obviously exercised no jurisdiction.

Moreover, the original founder of the state of Antarcticland, His Highness Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb, who apparently stepped down from the highest position and became Prince of the Principality of West Antarctic for health reasons, and who probably still controls Antarcticland's legal status through his Panama law office, besides being the Italian guru of offshore asset protection and tax havens, is also Secretary General of the Unrepresented United Nations (UUN). I'm not sure if this UN alternative actually has any members, but it does seem to recognise about 65 different polities.

According to the website below...

...which can also be visited by these URLs:

...there is only a Regent for this organisation (the founder), no Lord or President. Yes, this organisation has a kind of virtual monopoly on the words "paradiplomatic" and "paradiplomacy".

The organisation is not incorporated in any UN state, and not treated like any corporation of a UN state. The organisation enjoys extraordinary status within the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA), just as the American Red Cross enjoys extraordinary status in the United States.

The organisation doesn't have any land issues, since it is located on a new continent, the 8th continent of Global Earth Oceans (more about this shall be stated in the future), which was already started with the real private properties of three micronations, and which we hope to extend further in time.

Paradiplomatic Affairs (PDA) does a lot more than talk:

PDA recognises all these de facto and de jure states:

While most of these states are imperfect, none of them, perhaps with the exception of the United States and a few others, is a bankster haven — there actually is a secret cabal of banks, recognised by financial authorities such as Bloomberg L.P. as more than just the crazy idea of conspiracy theorists [5], and these are the new Mafia, Camorra, and 'Ndrangheta put together; these are global, not just local; and these control most of the world's governments, and not just Italy. None of the states recognised by PDA is a criminal state comparable to Pakistan [6], where people are routinely murdered, although some countries like India [7] are not far behind Pakistan in terms of their ill-treatment of women. None of the UN member states recognise PDA, and only a US government agency (the USPTO) recognises the nation which has given PDA its extraordinary status.

PDA recognises all these inhabited areas, and runs a real Antarctic embassy, and a real Antarctic foreign ministry, which has actually dealt with the problems of one indigenous Antarctican in the past:

It recognises one inhabited locality or populated place:

It recognises some sedentary groups:

It recognises some nomadic groups:

It recognises several observer organisations:

Finally, it recognises at least one professional:

The PDA organisation has also adopted at least one multiparty convention:
HMRD Cesidio Tallini [8, 9]
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