Bucksfanian astrology update

Bucksfanian astrology is an offshoot of the Cesidian calendar, and begun when considerations about the 14 Cesidian calendar months became the rationale for 14 astrological signs, instead of the usual 12.

Actually, there is a direct relation between Cesidian calendar months and Bucksfanian zodiac signs, while there is no relationship between Gregorian calendar months and Babylonian zodiac signs other than the 12 items for both months and signs.

It turns out that Bucksfanian astrology was created on 22 May 2001, so Bucksfanian astrology was basically born under the sign of Orion.

Not only Bucksfanian astrology has two additional signs of the zodiac instead of the Babylonian 12, the signs of Orion and Ophiuchus, but it also has two additional astrological houses to take in consideration.

If people born between 22 November and 21 December are usually classified as being born under the sign of Sagittarius in Western or Babylonian astrology, adding only a single sign to the zodiac changes things, actually changes things even more than necessary.

In a 13 "sign" paradigm, which is not very popular for obvious reasons, people born between 30 November amd 17 December are usually placed in the sign of Ophiuchus, while folks born between 18 December and 18 January are considered Sagittarians. It is not just the addition of a single sign which changes things here, but the fact that 13 "sign" astrology, besides being truly odd, is no longer tropical, but sidereal astrology. Actually, there are no signs to speak of in sidereal astrology, since it is based on unequal constellations tied to the stars, not equal signs tied to the seasons.

Bucksfanian astrology is still tropical astrology, however. Here those born under the sign of Ophiuchus are those born between 9 November and 4 December, while those born between 5 December and 31 December are considered Sagittarians.

Bucksfanian astrology underwent another revolution on 11 January 2017. Why use the same symbols in sidereal astrology as the ones used in tropical astrology, when not only the periods for each different sign are very different, but the "signs" are actually constellations which vary greatly in size, not equal length sign sectors along the ecliptic?

When I realised that Ophiuchus had a special symbol, and it was sidereal in nature, not tropical; when I realised that even the sign of Aries under tropical 12 and tropical 14 sign systems was different, and there was no exclusively tropical symbolism for either the signs of Orion and Ophiuchus; I decided against Western astrological symbols normally used, and in favour of apt upper case Greek letters, so nobody will be able to conclude that Bucksfanian astrology is sidereal astrology, or that even the Babylonian sign of Aries, symbol ♈, the symbol of the ram, is the same as the Bucksfanian sign of Aries, symbol Κ, the first letter in the Greek word Κριός, which means Aries.

In Bucksfanian astrology the upper case first letter of the 14 Greek names for the signs is used throughout, except for the sign of Cancer, where the first letter of the word Μήτρα is used, which means Womb, and the sign of Sagittarius, where the first letter of the word Βέλος is used, which means Arrow. Hopefully Greek astrologers will like this feature enough to help them begin to abandon Babylonian astrology, and begin to embrace Bucksfanian astrology.

Month House Field Zodiac Sign Symbol Begins Ends Ruler Motto
A XII Career Capricorn
Α 01.01 26.01 Saturn I Use
B 13 Friends Aquarius
Υ 27.01 21.02 Uranus I Know
C 14 Secrets Pisces
Ι 22.02 19.03 Neptune I Believe
D I Ego Aries
Κ 20.03 14.04 Mars I Am
E 2 Money Taurus
Τ 15.04 10.05 Ceres I Have
F 3 Hunting Orion
Ω 11.05 05.06 Pallas I Save
G 4 Communication Gemini
Δ 06.06 01.07 Mercury I Think
H V Home Cancer
Μ 02.07 27.07 Moon I Feel
I 6 Children Leo
Λ 28.07 22.08 Sun I Will
J 7 Health Virgo
Π 23.08 17.09 Vesta I Analyse
K VIII Partners Libra
Ζ 18.09 13.10 Venus I Balance
L 9 Sex Scorpio
Σ 14.10 08.11 Pluto I Desire
M 10 Medicine Ophiuchus
Ο 09.11 04.12 Chiron I Create
N 11 High Culture Sagittarius
Β 05.12 31.12 Jupiter I See
HMRD Cesidio Tallini [1, 2, 3]
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