Dante's language downgraded to dialect

What follows below is what I recently posted to the Ietf-languages list, the list maintained by the Internet Engineering Task Force for the discussion of matters related to RFC 1766/RFC 3066 language tags including, but not limited to the registration of new tags:
Whether you realise it or not — it took me 53 years to realise it, so it is not completely obvious, and I have lived on two continents — there is a consequence to the refusal of the circa 200 UN member states to recognise the general (unalienable) right of people to express themselves in the language of their culture, organisation, nation or state. The consequence is that only one language, the official language, becomes the language of scholarly study and/or research, and with that single language, no matter how lofty, come biases of the related culture, organisation, nation or state, which make even the most qualified opinion subject to bias or prejudice at least at some level. If UN member states do not begin to understand that they have the obligation, or responsibility, to support their language even though it may be used in a different context — cultural (such as within a micronation), organisational (such as within an IGO o INGO), or national (such as when the language is also used by another nation without the privileges of a state) — then this is an indication that the language is no longer a living (organic, and thus societal) language, since it is used purely to maintain certain (challengeable) political, economic, or religious dogmas. The language is a dead language already, even though it may be spoken by millions of people. My nation-state, which is not a UN member state, and I'm not ashamed of that, even though very open-minded about language, has ceased to use all languages except UMMOA English, which is similar but not identical to British English...
I'm beginning to form the opinion that a language is something breathing, living, not something linguistically dead for all practical purposes, and to me Italian is a dead language, dying just like Latin, because it only serves the (tyrannical) needs of the Italian government. Italian, in other words, is no longer a societalistic language, a dynamic language which can change as the Italian-speaking people themselves change it, in order to make the language more and more useful for all Italians in the present day, but a purely political language, and the only changes you notice in the language are the continuous introduction of foreign words.

Sociolinguist and Yiddish scholar Max Weinreich once stated that "A language is a dialect with an army and navy" [1].

That is really the difference between Italian and Neapolitan, yet linguists consider both languages, while Italy considers only one as a language, and you don't need much intelligence to guess which.

But Italian is actually under assault by the continuous introduction of foreign words, so people in Italy, especially people of high social status, speak more and more non-Italian, particularly English. It is a process no different than Neapolitan, which still exists because of linguistic purists, but since they cannot defend the language, it looks more and more like standard Italian the higher you are in social status, which in Italy is little more than the status you have before the Italian Republic.

But is Italian really a language anymore then? No! The only words that can enter the language are the words made successful by US businesses, so not only Italians have no say, but Neapolitans — or Sardinians — cannot introduce or incorporate words into the language either. Only rich foreigners are allowed, and these words are not even adapted for Italian!

Other evidence Italian is no longer a language: can Italy defend itself with its army and navy from the collapsed state still called Libya? No! Italy can neither defend itself, and when it asks for 'permission' to defend itself, it is treated like a low-grade cortigiana (courtesan) of the EU, which cannot defend the shores of Italy either! The EU is not a state, but Italy is no longer a state either, but a bankster haven, something even worse than a tax haven, but while tax havens are being destroyed, bankster havens are growing and growing.

Intermicronational World (IW) has tried very hard so far to treat Italian like a real language, but the Italian government has failed to even treat the UMMOA like a real nation, even though decadent Italy may actually be inferior now to the growing UMMOA-GEO micronation-state. As a result of this, today we have completely eliminated Italian-language news permanently, and we have also eliminated all foreign language (or dialect) news from the IW website. From now on the only news we shall post shall be in a real language such as UMMOA English (UGV, en-UGV), or closely-related. If Italy has the right to call Neapolitan a dialect, not a language, and Italy cannot even defend Naples from a terrorist attack, then UMMOA-GEO has the right to also call Italian what it has become today, a dialect, a substandard or pathetic linguistic mishmash!

UMMOA-GEO will no longer subsidise the Italian dialect, or any other quasi-dialect. We don't have a relationship with Italy, only with a few Ummoagians who shouldn't be paying taxes to a subsovereign, subindependent state like Italy.
HMRD Cesidio Tallini [2, 3]
Intermicronational World