EU and NATO inspire jihad, not ijtihad

As my book states, "the word jihad does not mean 'inner spiritual struggle' against evil (as the word ijtihad does, which shares the same JHD semitic root with jihad), and the goal of that struggle is not spiritual truth, but subjugating everyone, even non-Muslims, beneath the full weight of an Islamic State." [1].

Despite EU sanctions and NATO posturing, both against Russia, both Europe and NATO are dead meat, and complete idiots as far as security is concerned.

Jihadist Muslims (all thoughtful Christians are also ijtihadists without realising it, but few Muslims are ijtihadists) are always promoting violent means, since the final goal is not spiritual truth, but political subjugation, and the power that it grants to the oligarchic few.

This, in turn, is a far greater threat than Russia could have ever been, but both Europe and NATO seem oblivious to this.

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HMRD Cesidio Tallini [2, 3]
Intermicronational World