Long live His Royal Highness Stanislas I!

According to details in a press release in French dated 22 June 2014, by the Kingdom of Araucanía and Patagonia, from an apparently legitimate or trustworthy source, the Constitution of the Kingdom of Araucanía and Patagonia, and its Additional Act, require that a Sovereign profess faith in the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

The presence of a Holy Priest of the Roman Catholic Church, who can testify before the election and the oath of the Catholic Faith of a new Sovereign is required, and on 9 January 2014, Father Jean-Marc Fournier (IBP), chaplain of the Royal House, was still busy with the funeral of HRH Prince Philippe of Araucania (née Philippe Boiry).

The same constitutional provisions prohibit that the Sovereign successor be designated as one of the members of the Board; a member of the Board cannot just simply resign from his position a few minutes earlier, in order to qualify as a Sovereign successor.

The political testament left by His Royal Highness Prince Philip I, on the other hand, made provisions for a regency lasting about six months (the Prince Regent was to be Baron Philippe de Lavalette over this period of regency), so as to make various preliminary consultations possible (and the wisest decision possible).

Since this initially looked like another succession war, Intermicronational World (IW) had to do its best to verify the authenticity/legitimacy of the new election, so we did not rush to publish the news.

The Institut de la Maison Royale d'Araucanie has formally announced, and presented quite credible evidence of, the election of the new Prince of Araucania, HRH Prince Stanislas I (née Stanislas Louis Parvulesco), who was elected on 22 June 2014 in the traditional form HM Orélie-Antoine I, founder of the kingdom, was himself elected by acclamation of His People.

The Institut de la Maison Royale d'Araucanie is a civil association under French law, and in no case the spokesman of the Royal House, although it broadcasts some invitations and reports of events.

The North American Araucanian Royalist Society (NAARS) reports that, "[i]n response to a failed attempt to repudiate the election of the Regency Council and to name Stanislas Louis Parvulesco as Prince of Araucania, Prince Antoine IV [née Jean-Michel Parasiliti di Para] has stripped three conspirators of their Araucanian titles and distinctions: Claude Labalue, Franz Quatreboeufs and Constantin Parvulesco" (see press release below in French).

Intermicronational World (IW) is not new to dynastic disputes.

The Wikipedia lists several kings of Redonda, even the famous Javier Marías; IW only recognises Giancarlo Ezio I di Montedoglio (née Giancarlo Ezio Noferi), who is listed only in the Italian version of the article in the Wikipedia. Why? Principally because we know him; you cannot acknowledge someone you don't know, and another contender has attempted to change our mind (unsuccessfully).

There is a dynastic dispute in the Italian House of Savoy, between Vittorio Emanuele and Prince Amedeo. We have sided with Vittorio Emanuele. Why? We have intervened with Italian politicians to allow the Savoy Royals to return to Italy, and we succeeded, but also because we know Vittorio Emanuele's son, Emanuele Filiberto, and even received beautiful Christmas cards from him and his wife, Clotilde Courau. If they treat us like royalty, or like the friends of royalty, who are we to dispute?

So IW has taken a side here as well, as we are closer to HRH Prince Stanislas I, than to Prince Antoine IV. We have also taken this side in the dispute for other reasons.

You can meet HRH Prince Stanislas I (picture of him above, with his hand over the Steel Crown) in person soon, if you wish. A conference dinner will be held in Paris on 14 July 2014, at 7:30 pm, at the Cercle de l'Aréopage (Circle of the Areopagus), under the patronage of Prince Sixtus Henry of Bourbon-Parma.

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