Micronations still don't matter in MSM

It is true that in the past few years micronations have come to matter more in the media in general, but micronations don't interest the mainstream media (MSM) much; micronational culture is never mentioned with few exceptions; and one careful Google search over the past 10 years — from 26 November 2006 to 26 November 2016 — of the websites of different newspapers, magazines, and/or online media, shows that micronations are rarely mentioned, and in some mainstream media (MSM) sources micronations are never mentioned.

Of course, Intermicronational World  has mentioned micronations, and even micronational organisations, cultures, or people connected with micronations more often than any media source. However, the Google search engine has greatly and unfairly limited what is actually accessible with a careful search: even completely worthless and idiotic trash by the mainstream media (MSM) gets indexed, but only the better and more intereresting articles written or recorded by Intermicronational World  end up in Google's search engine.

Media source Micronations mentioned Search link used
USA Today Liberland; Conch Republic Link
New York Times Principality of Hutt River; Principality of Sealand; Liberland Link
The Wall Street Journal Seborga; Free Territory of Freedomland (Spratly Islands) Link
Time Liberland; Principality of Hutt River; Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands Link
CNN Republic of Molossia; Liberland Link
The Atlantic Liberland; Snake Hill; Stiltsville Link
Newsweek NONE Link
People NONE Link
National Geographic Article mentioning Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Republic of Molossia, Akhziv Land, Principality of Sealand; article mentioning Kingdom of Elleore, Republic of Molossia, Principality of Sealand; Conch Republic Link
Reader's Digest Article mentioning Republic of Molossia, Upware Republic Society, Republic of Rose Island, Westarctica, Ambulatory Free States of Obsidia Link
Intermicronational World ('micronation') YAMOs [yet another micronational organisation(s)]; Interlingua; Principality of Homestead; Talossan; Non-Aligned Movement (NAM); Columbusplein; H.E. Msgr Viktor Busà (1941-2013); République du Jura Link
Intermicronational World ('micronations') Alternatives to the United Nations; ConIFA; Potential micronational union; Fomoire Institute; Prince Lazarus of New Utopia; Fake knights of Malta scam; Suggestions for improving the New York is Home Act Link
HMRD Cesidio Tallini [1, 2, 3]
Intermicronational World