A new journalistic philosophy

IW Most news agencies or outlets exist either directly or indirectly to issue propaganda, or pseudo-news.

Sometimes the propaganda is the result of superficial analysis, or errors in judgement. All true news organisations, even the best, make these errors from time to time. These are innocent mistakes.

Sometimes the propaganda pays for the news organisation's expenses, such as with advertising, since it furthers the economic interests of the monied class, and often at the expense of the general public. This happens in capital-driven countries where money often talks, and human rights often walk.

Sometimes the propaganda is used to ingratiate with specific public officials, in order to facilitate greater access to them for news story needs.

The most destructive kind of the propaganda, however, is state propaganda, and this furthers the political-economic interests of the "overruling class", at the expense of those who should be more represented, rather than more overruled. This happens in all countries, even those which believe themselves to be beacons of human rights.

Intermicronational World (IW) is written by sovereign, sovereignty-seeking, or maximum autonomy-seeking adults, and for true adults, not apparent adults.

Being a true adult is not independence at the expense of the rights of others, or nanny- (liberal) or granny-statism (conservative), but about genuine self-determination, also known as micronationalism. Intermicronational World doesn't separate apparent micronationalism from true micronationalism, because apparent micronationalism is the mere pretentiousness of non-adults, while true micronationalism is the full expression of the human rights of true adults. And you become an adult when you reach the age of majority (legalist perspective), not when you reach a certain income (capitalist perspective), or when you reach a certain amount of social prominence (socialist perspective).
HMRD Cesidio Tallini [1, 2]
Intermicronational World