The most important thing I have to write now, in the most important language

I'm writing this in English first, UMMOA English (UGV; en-UGV) to be more precise, because I know the language well, even deliberately designed parts of it, and continue to design the language in order to make it most useful, and most precise; because it is a useful language, perhaps even one of the most useful languages; and it was, after all, the first language I heard as a baby — with the American accent I can no longer get rid of, so for that reason I heavily concentrate on the Ummoagian written form — even before I heard my mother's voice, who is still the most important person in my life, and who would still continue to be the most important person in my life even if she passed away tomorrow, even if I got married tomorrow.

Translations in languages other than UMMOA English may follow, and unless the language is standard Italian, the translation will require me to spend some very limited dollars on translators (I do not have significant daily income from a job, or other economic resource, only significant daily expenses in US dollars), but if you can read and fully understand UMMOA English, then this message is all I have to say right now, and you should not wait for a translation of this in some language other than UMMOA English.

In some languages I am able to read with some confidence, but not only I am unable to write, or translate in the language with ease, but I can't even find a good translator, even if I was willing to spend the extra money. That's just reality for me, and I also want some readers to be aware of this problem, and that I'm not talking about dead languages such as Oscan, or even largely obsolete languages such as Latin, but living languages, which are spoken or at least used daily by people, languages which unfortunately I do not know well enough to be able to write, or translate in with full confidence.

Writing, and even simply searching for news, especially news which may be interesting or relevant to the micronationalist like myself, is serious business that requires not just daily diligence and commitment, but also extraordinary critical intelligence capable of separating not just fact from fiction, but also truth from lies. Unfortunately we live in a world speaking some 7,000 languages, and I don't have people willing to volunteer a few hours a day to make "[t]he most important thing I have to write now" available also in any of the 6,999 languages other than UMMOA English.

Not only there is no "UMMOA Italian" that is absolutely needed, or an absolute need to even translate the word "UMMOA" in Italian, but it is becoming painfully apparent to me that I only have enough time to write well only in UMMOA English on a daily basis, and if I need to write in other languages, then I truly need more than one of these two things:
  1. More time to do my daily job than 24 hours;
  2. People with time, and capable and willing to translate, as often as possible, into a language other than UMMOA English.
Unfortunately I don't have more daily time than is allotted to me because of the laws of physics, and because of laws pertinent to the social sciences, I also have severe limits on the number of people willing, and/or able to help in a significant way.

It is for this reason that Intermicronational World (IW) will soon be available in UMMOA English only, and even daily news in Italian will soon disappear. No, there will no longer be IW in French or Portuguese soon, and I will no longer seek to distribute articles in other official and non-official languages either.

Unfortunately I do not have enough time to do a great job in any other language other than UMMOA English, and/or I don't have the help of others, and I cannot complete the purpose for which my mother placed me on this Earth without a lot of help, a lot of help which I'm simply not getting.

You can think of talking to me about this, but I either will not answer the telephone for one reason or another, or it is simply impossible to talk to me.

You can think of writing to me about this, but that won't change a thing, because I don't need talk or writing from you, but help, lots of help.

You can think of making a significant donation, and/or purchase from this website:

That could help a little, but you have to understand that this action, unless you build an activity of daily economic activism around it, in order to encourage many more people to do the same, cannot take care of the business of "[t]he most important thing I have to write now".

These are the facts, and if you wish to continue to even read articles from me, you can no longer continue to ignore them without consequence:
  1. Even just Intermicronational World (IW) is not sufficiently supported economically, or in other ways (such as through daily volunteer labour);
  2. The UMMOA has other institutions, other activities or resources, that also need support in economic, and other ways;
  3. The UMMOA has significant daily economic expenses, and there is only so much that can be cut without drastically affecting the nation;
  4. I can no longer support these expenses entirely on my own, and/or cannot expect this situation to drastically change soon;
  5. Other micronations, or micronational institutions, are not supporting us economically, and/or in other ways;
  6. UN member states, and their institutions ignore us, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, because they clearly do not exist for any of the same reasons I exist;
  7. There is no UMMOA or GEO currency, and even if there was, I still have significant daily expenses in US dollars, in part also because I don't have enough help.
If you have, or can provide real solutions to any of the aforementioned problems, you can write to me using the web form below. However, it is important that you realise that any single person, even single micronation cannot change the fact that I never really had a significant reason to write in any other language besides UMMOA English, and since that is, and remains the case, then there can no longer be any other Official language other than UMMOA English because you, and/or your organisation, nation or country, are not accepting the responsibilities, financial or otherwise, than come with any bilingual or multilingual commitment and relationship.

Moreover, in case you didn't know or realise, no Italian-speaking government is helping us in any way. From what I know, Italy's government provides some very limited financial assistance to the Italian-language newspapers abroad they recognise, and perhaps they even provide limited assistance to Italian primary and secondary schools abroad that they also recognise. However, Italy does not recognise UMMOA or GEO, nor does it recognise any UMMOA institution. If I, the Governor-Guru of UMMOA-GEO, wasn't able to change that, and I'm quite capable as a diplomat or paradiplomat, I don't see how you can. In addition to that, since we are not receiving sufficient support either from pure Italians (Italian-speaking Ummoagians who remain, because of their daily and weekly behaviour, largely Italian, not Ummoagian), or from Italy's government, then the UMMOA has no choice but to stop providing support to Italians, and/or the Italian government, even through Italy's official language.

The same stated above regarding Italian or Italy, can be applied to any other nation or organisation which supports, and/or encourages, the use of any other language besides UMMOA English. Starting to support Intermicronational World (IW) through significant donations, and/or purchases from the website can help, but unless many people, organisations, nations and countries start doing the same, I can no longer waste my precious and unsubsidised time largely with what amounts to little more than the politics of Italy, and/or of any other state which does not support the UMMOA.

Once UMMOA English becomes the only official language of the UMMOA-GEO, the UMMOA-GEO will also begin to abandon any and all domains that have strictly political significance. This will not solve our many problems, because if the highly capable UMMOA-GEO is struggling just to remain alive, and is receiving absolutely no help or goodwill, other micronations or minorities don't have it easier. However, foreign or strictly political domains also cost more money, and may have additional requirements when domain usage is restricted to foreign nationals or foreign legal entities, and it isn't just Italy that is truly foreign to the UMMOA, but also the United States, outside of one US government agency only, the UK or any agency of the UK government, and really any other English-speaking nation or country, with few exceptions, so even lots of these domains will have to go.

After this revolution, the UMMOA Foreign Ministry website will be transformed into something else that is more useful and meaningful for the UMMOA. We are surrounded not just by roughly 7.3 billion foreigners, but the fact remains that most readers are also behaving like foreigners, like people who are not our "neighbours" as Jesus or Yeshua intended, so we must concentrate on developing our World, and our People, not Worlds or Peoples that are increasingly becoming irrelevant not just to the UMMOA-GEO's existence, but also to the essential message of Christianity, and its prophesied kingdom to come.

This is truly the most important thing I have to write now, and in the most important language. Translations in other languages may or may not follow this, and will probably eventually cease in any other language besides UMMOA English.

I have been silenced — or ignored, which is the same thing for anyone doing God's work — directly or indirectly by politicians and the people or institutions that serve them, but I shall not be permanently silenced, and the mission my mother placed me on this Earth for, and which she continues to humbly support me with, will continue with or without your vigorous and deliberate assistance.
HMRD Cesidio Tallini [1, 2]
Intermicronational World