The power to ordain — who has it?

In the English dictionary the word ordain means "make (someone) a priest or minister", or "confer holy orders on (someone)", but it can also mean "appoint", "anoint", "consecrate", "install", "invest", or "induct" (someone).

Another meaning of the word ordain is "order or decree (something) officially", but it can also mean "rule", "command", "enjoin", "lay/set down", "establish", "dictate", "legislate", "prescribe", or "pronounce" (something).

It is clear from the various meanings that ordaining is not something that only a bishop, or alternatively, a church administrator does, but also something a mayor might do; a court judge; a state or country legislator; an institutional authority, board, or committee; a (licenced) physician; a governor; a federal reserve or central bank; a president; or a monarch.

If you have the authority to ordain someone, or something, that authority, in turn, must either come from someone else, of equal or higher authority (extrinsic, de jure, or divine authority), or from the authority (intrinsic or de facto authority) that the self-ordained authority naturally possesses.

Traditionalist Catholics may disagree with this, but a bishop may possess the divine authority to ordain priests or other bishops through Christ, but so does the (brick-and-mortar) church administrator through Melchizedek.

Few Christians who are not Cesidians realise that Christ and Melchizedek have the same authority because they are actually the same soul. Melchizedek was later "born again" in Abraham's very family line as Jacob, who was later renamed "Israel" by God.

Few Jews who are not Cesidians realise that Christ or Yeshua the Messiah (Yeshua HaMashiach), and Israel, are actually the same soul. If only Jews knew who — Israel or Jacob — was nailed to the cross! Israel, or the Jacob who "struggled with God" (what the name "Israel" actually means, and what real politics is supposed to be, by the way, a life-respecting struggle with men, and not a life-threatening one), was later "born again" as "Jesus of Nazareth", but some believe his actual name was Yeshua HaNotzri, or Jesus the Nazarene.

The Bishop and founder of the Cesidian Church, the Hon Most Rev Dr Cesidio Tallini, has been divinely ordained through Melchizedek as a Non-Denominational Bishop, and through Christ as an Independent Catholic Bishop, but he has also been ordained through Pahana (the Messiah-to-come that even Native Americans await) as a Native American Medicine Man, and has also been ordained through the African branch of Melchizedek as the President of an international network of bishops and archbishops. This is an extreme example of appropriate, yet multi-continental, therapeutic-religious authority.

Celebrities such as Mary Hart, Tony Danza, Courtney Love, and all four of The Beatles were ordained by the Universal Life Church (ULC).

The Modesto, California-based Universal Life Church (there are other branches based elsewhere) should not to be confused with the Boca Raton, Florida-based Universal Life Church World Headquarters, which ordains men or women as Non-Denominational ministers, and/or as Independent Catholic priests. The former has ordained cats and dogs, pagans, and even atheists, while the latter has only ordained Christian and/or Catholic men and women.

Speaking of appropriate authority to ordain, the former church's credentials are not accepted in all states of the United States, while the credentials of the latter are. If your wedding has been officiated by the famed Paul McCartney (formerly of The Beatles), and one such wedding did actually occur recently under exceptional circumstances, then you were married through the authority of Melchizedek, not through the authority of Christ. Not all US states recognise what has been ordained by Melchizedek, but all appear to recognise what has been ordained by Christ.

A Catholic priest may possess the divine authority to ordain a king of Araucanía and Patagonia. In fact, it was Father Pierre Mouchel, diocesan priest, who is, and has always been in agreement with Rome, who ordained HRH Prince Stanislas I (née Stanislas Louis Parvulesco).

Prince Antoine IV (née Jean-Michel Parasiliti di Para), on the other hand, was ordained by no Catholic priest, but by the Regency Council. In other words, The Steel Crown is telling us essentially that a board or committee may properly ordain a "Catholic" king of Araucanía and Patagonia.

Nonsense. That's like saying that a "Cesidian" king became so, but without the ordaining authority of Hon Most Rev Dr Cesidio Tallini!

A secular board or committee may have the authority to confer the next Nobel Peace Prize, but it has absolutely no authority whatsoever to ordain any "Catholic" king, including the real King of Araucanía and Patagonia.

Father Pierre Mouchel, diocesan priest, did have such authority, however, as his authority came (originally) from God, through Jesus of Nazareth, not from man. He is the humble "King-maker", not Franz Quatreboeufs, or even the "Quatreboeufs-Parvulesco Putsch" duo.

Who has ordained the coming Messiah?

Well, if you read and carefully study Psalm 2, you realise he is only a Prince for now, at least in the eyes of God, and only God Almighty himself can ordain him!

Who has thus the power or authority to ordain any regal authority? Either God, or one of His humble representatives.

In the United States, non-religious boards or committees, as tax-exempt organisations approved under section 501(c)(3), may have the power or authority to prevent cruelty to cats and dogs, but they don't have the authority yet to even ordain cats and dogs legally-speaking, since even that authority belongs to the de jure state, and under the best of circumstances. Boards or committees have only the authority conferred (or ordained) in them by a de jure state, and the Kingdom of Araucanía and Patagonia is not a de jure or even de facto state, and it is not a legitimate religious organisation either.

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