Talossan language flag uppdateu (update)

Talossan language flag The generic micronationalist could be forgiven if he or she thought that the flag of the Talossan language (El Glheþ Talossan) was none other than the flag of the Kingdom of Talossa (Regipäts Talossán), a micronation founded in 1979 by then 14-year-old Robert Ben Madison of Milwaukee — Talossa, like a few other micronations, does not refer to itself as a micronation, but excluding the few cases of unjustified vanity, all of this only means that Talossa is a Fourth World micronation.

However, this is not really the case. A low resolution Talossan language flag has officially existed in the Wikimedia Commons since at least February 2009. The Talossan language flag is at least informally called El Grischun (The Grey) [1].

However, someone must have read the Intermicronational World (IW) article, "Interlingua may be evolving into the micronational language «per excellentia»" (see reference below), and thought it was time for a higher resolution update (uppdateu) of the flag, one more likely to lend the Kingdom of Talossa's otherwise parochial, cult-like status, the more international, religion-like status of the international auxiliary language (IAL) movement. In fact, IW's article was published in early November 2014, while the update of the Talossan language flag was apparently created in early December 2014.

What does this mean besides the obvious, that Talossan language speakers wish to gain greater mainstream status, and be treated a little less like the freaks they actually are?

Well, it means that IW is being read by thoughtful people, and is thus influential even within the microcosm of Internet-based micronations. Perhaps it even means that Wikipedia admins are beginning to treat IW seriously, i.e. like mainstream or academic media.

Notice that IW uses the term microcosm to describe multiple micronations, rather than the often misused term micronational community.

This is so for two reasons.

First, the only real micronational community that exists is that of mature Fifth, and infant Sixth World nations, although there are also a few Fourth World micronations. The United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA®) is not even a part of this community anymore, having already acquired ground floor Third World nation status, and now aspiring to acquire the highest Third World nation status.

Second, there is no such thing as a single micronational community. In reality there are many intermicronational communities, and each real micronation comprises a more limited community as well.

Interlingua may be evolving into the micronational language «per excellentia»

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