UMMOA–GEO seeks wannabee or alternative banquers, creditors or investors

Most micronations do not require the services of banks or bankers.

That's because most micronations are based on a major ego trip, nothing more, or are based on less than serious activity.

Since recreational and/or educational activities, the main industries or industrial sectors micronations can usually be placed under require no money, or trivial amounts of money, these ultimately don't require bank loans, lines of credit, or credit cards, of the secured or unsecured type.

Since 1998 UMMOA–GEO — or the institutions which eventually evolved into the societal-political system now called UMMOA–GEO, the international region — has relied entirely on traditional banking services to function with some credibility, or to expand. The UMMOA–GEO system actually started with charge or revolving credit card banking services.

Like any business, we have gone through many cycles, and even more, since we did not really start as a traditional business, but actually as a family. A traditional business exists mainly to conquer the world, to place free people into submission, while UMMOA–GEO exists more to creatively build a new world from the ground up, to free enslaved people or peoples.

The UMMOA–GEO system is now in trouble, and risks almost total collapse, because expectations from human beings, organisations, businesses, institutions, nations and states have greatly exceeded actual resolve or results. Even some Ummoagian human beings, organisations, businesses or institutions appear to have failed entirely, or at least in part. A monkey did not start the UMMOA–GEO system, and unfortunately he overestimated just how many real human beings are out there, not monkeys parading as human beings.

UMMOA–GEO now seeks wannabee or alternative banquers, creditors or investors.

We are seeking wealthy individuals or groups of individuals who feel that the world that was created by socialists, of both capitalist and communist perspectives, will lead either to nothing great in the long term, or nothing genuinely human (divine).

We are basically looking for libertarians, pananarchists, or outright societalists who have little or no faith in the current state system, in its bankster central banks and currencies, and even little or no faith in cryptocurrencies, especially the ones like bitcoin, which are already coming under the control of standard or Aristotelian nation-states, not a Pythagorean country-region like UMMOA–GEO.

We are seeking wealthy yet ethical individuals and groups who want to become creditors, and possibly start alternative banques and financial instruments.

If you believe that the UMMOA–GEO system still has a lot to give if it is helped out of its current socialist financial circumstances, and into a new societalist financial system or model, an economic system which can mainly benefit individuals, families, and small communities, rather than just big governments, businesses, religious, media, and other kinds of organisations, then UMMOA–GEO can work with you, even licence you, in order to tailor a future which can possibly make you wealthier, and even your children and grandchildren much better off. Past performance does not guarantee future results, of course, and even our potential new economic system is but another experiment which hopes to finally discover economic truth for most decent people, rather than economic skullduggery for a few connivers, but even if we manage to help you break even in the end, you may still have gained, because you helped make Utopia or paradise on earth possible.

We are seeking wealthy, intelligent, creative yet egalitarian individuals and groups, who wish to start something new, something that can help UMMOA–GEO out of its current precarious situation, so we can continue to evolve and invent a future that is actually worth living. You cannot achieve that if you rely entirely on current empirically unproven, even biased or worthless social science, and current power structures designed only to place monkeys above Gods in human form.

If you have faith in UMMOA–GEO, in its leadership, agencies, institutions, and in its mission and state-of-the-art scholarship, then you can now use your economic bliss, or relative advantage, to help a much higher calling than a particular individual or family economic advantage only.

You can start to make history, history in an objectively true — ie neither gay nor dismal in a Malthusian sense, or neither egalitarian nor elitist in a Millian sense — economic science. You can start to make history, history in a societal rather than just political economy. There is already a societal geography, where the individual is the main source of authority, and not the government. A societal economy favouring natural societies — communities organised by family (stirps ), clan (gens ), church/parish (curia ), or by assembly hall/village (tribus ) — rather than juridical or fictitious ones (polities) can also possibly exist, or be created.

We will work with all ethical individuals and groups who truly wish to help us, and possibly help themselves and their children at the same time. Our problem with the current capitalist-communist financial system could be either a sign we've reached the end of our current and almost 19-year-old experiment, which seems to be showing we've found a societal-political equation to describe human nature rigourously, and scientifically, or it could be opportunity in disguise, opportunity to shift into a higher gear, and to truly change things even in an economic way.

Please contact the Governor-Guru of UMMOA–GEO at the link below to start a conversation, to help solve current financial problems, and create new vistas for the future.

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