Yes, We Tram? No, We Trump!

The words of the Special Report in The Steel Crown, the official publication of the North American Araucanian Royalist Society (NAARS), seem like the propaganda piece that was once written against me by The New York Times, US organ of all the propaganda that's fit to print.

Franz Quatreboeufs, one of the so-called "Quatreboeufs-Parvulesco Putsch" duo, is described as follows: "aged 50, a divorced, childless, notary from Douai, France". I am unimpressed about descriptions which seem to act like soil stains on immaculately white shirts. It is obviously uncharitable and bombastic propaganda the CIA and friends usually engage in, and which usually has nothing to do with the facts, for the intent is not to supply any new facts, but only dress-up the interim prince regent into the true and permanent prince, which he is not, as I will argue only briefly here.

Later in the narrative, Franz Quatreboeufs and Costantin Parvulesco — the latter is the father of the real new Prince of Araucania, HRH Prince Stanislas I (née Stanislas Louis Parvulesco) — are described as "rabid conservative Roman Catholics and bitter French nationalists" who apparently objected to the increasingly international and secular character of the Royal House under the reign of Prince Philippe (née Philippe Boiry). For good measure, throughout the article Quatreboeufs is slandered almost beyond belief, and trasformed into a "little notary".

The problem with propaganda, and thus with not so genuine news articles, is that in an attempt to smear or malign someone, one may only involuntary show just how little they know about the facts.

First of all, French law only stipulates that wills shall be in writing, and that means that they may actually be handwritten or typed. It is not true that French law recognises wills only if they are handwritten. I know a reader who can correct this fact if I just happen to be wrong, and please do correct me if appropriate.

Second, while American notaries can actually be pharmacists, real estate salespeople, and just about anyone wanting an slight edge compared with any other undergraduate degree holder (they provide their employers extra revenue, and an extra reason to stop by the pharmacy or real estate agent), French notaries, like their Italian colleagues, are highly specialised lawyers in private practice. Yes, French notaries are lawyers, so Quatreboeufs does know the law about the acceptance of handwritten or typed wills, being actually an expert in French civil law, while Americans probably don't know these details, and may seriously think that all notaries are truly "little people" — in the US most notaries are not lawyers, as a common law notary public is, in most states, an adjunct profession, not a stand-alone profession as in civil law countries (see civil law notary).

Third, if an election has not been done properly, as indeed appears to be the case here, that does invalidate it in the eyes of a Traditionalist Catholic, so they are right, according to Traditionalist Catholic faith, to dismiss Prince Antoine IV (née Jean-Michel Parasiliti di Para), and to believe the election that was held was invalid, and to also believe the throne of Araucania-Patagonia had been vacant until 22 June 2014, when HRH Prince Stanislas I was elected in the traditional form.

Although I'm not a Traditionalist Catholic myself — as the form of Christianity I practice is even more ancient, more timeless, less liturgical, and less likely to have been "genetically modified" by Saul or Saint Paul, who was not, after all, an insider to the Jesus or Yeshua group, or by Constantine the Great or Saint Constantine, who may have influenced, directly or indirectly, official Christianity in order to suit the purely political goals of the Roman Empire — I don't dislike those people who truly believe, or at least suspect, that all the popes since Pope Paul VI are not true popes [1], and for this reason: they are probably right to look on all popes since Pope Paul VI with suspicion, as the man from Nazareth, and the true leader of the faith and church, is probably alive, and may have been alive since the election of Pope Paul VI on 21 June 1963, in fact! One Catholic mystic, Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini, not only believed that the soul who was once called Yeshua was alive in a matter-of-fact manner, and that we will actually all see him when he will stun the whole world in some special way, but she even mentioned that "He is living with His mother among us" [2].

Although I disagree with Traditionalist Catholics, I will not call their suspicions, whether silent or fully voiced, a putsch or a coup, but a legitimate concern, and if traditionalists or conservatives actually rebelled with the election of Prince Antoine IV, it probably has little or nothing to do with the fact that they prefer French as a language, instead of English, or Roman Catholicism as a religion, instead of Islam. Being a speaker also of a second language besides English, and having had as a second father an actual Roman Catholic cleric, I certainly find that I am better off compared to monolingual English speakers, and compared to people who were raised by a Muslim cleric, or even by a secular humanist.

Even though we do not favour Prince Antoine IV, Intermicronational World will not demonise him, and we will continue to favour the election of HRH Prince Stanislas I, also because we don't believe that the decision to roll the Souvenir Franco-Araucanien (SFA) and the Institute of the Royal House (IRH) all into the Auspice Stella, a NGO with Special Consultative Status at the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations (UN), was a wise decision, as this inevitably taints the whole Araucanian cause and destiny with the globalist agenda, and the oligarchs who control the United Nations, which has never been in favour of Native Americans, indigenous peoples, or true minorities, and in fact it cares little about genuine white people or Europeans as well.

To use the words Douai Town Councillor Franz Quatreboeufs used to protest the use of English in local adverts, Intermicronational World asks the following question: Yes, we tram? Answer: No, but Intermicronational World does trump the election of Prince Antoine IV with the election of HRH Prince Stanislas I, who we will continue to view as the true Prince of Araucania!

Let it also be known that Intermicronational World has nothing against current admirers of Jean-Marie Le Pen, especially if they feel Christianity itself is under threat in Europe and elsewhere, as it actually is! We will not get involved with campaigns that are only designed to push evil globalists who don't really care about the people of France, their religion, or any other non-US dollar value they may believe is sacred, non-negotiable. Intermicronational World does not care about people or movements which ultimately worship the US dollar only, pseudo-science paraded as rigourous science, and the trivialisation of non-materialistic values.

I would appreciate the help of any reader who can turn this article into good French, so many more people can understand why Intermicronational World has taken this side in the dynastic dispute.

Long live His Royal Highness Stanislas I!
HMRD Cesidio Tallini [3, 4]
Intermicronational World